Greetings & Welcome!

Dear Worldwide Contester, our honorably Donors and the beloved Contest Organizing Committee, I am gladly rejoice and thankful for your participation since the first YB DX Contest in 2018. In fact, we had a wonderful time with so many great achievement been fulfilled during the Contest. We could see from the number of participants and countries, our speedy result was determined from various factor, therefore giving more insight and new standard of organizing the DX Contest. All done well and smoothly arranged within your remarkable participation, our lovely friends who were giving their supports and sponsorship also gallantly hardworking from the Organizing Committee.

The Contest date on Saturday, 12th January 2019 will soon reach us and we are honorably inviting all Worldwide Contester to join YB DX Contest 2019. We are expecting you all enjoy and join this wonderful moment.

Thank you for supporting and helping us to share about YB DX Contest.

GL, Vy 73

President of YB Land DX Club

Djoko Marjono Susilo – YB1TJ

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